Welcome to my website. My name is Marie-Anne Jacquet, and I’m a French voice-over talent, I’m based in Montélimar in the south of France where I work online from my very own home studio. I speak normal French, without any particular accent, which is what we typically hear here on French radio and television.

You can listen to some excerpts below.

Your project is unique, and I am committed to providing you with the best result.

Tell me about it, I’m all ears!

I record my voice and deliver the audio in .wav or .mp3 format to you within 24 to 48 hours via Google Drive or Dropbox or any other tool you prefer, always taking the utmost care to ensure that your files remain confidential.


A customized voice : icone

A customized voice

By playing with the intonation, I bring out the words that are most important to you and convey emotions specific to your project and that embody your brand.

An international voice : icone

An international voice

You’re free to describe your needs to me in your native language, since we can communicate in English or Spanish, just as I can record in English or Spanish (with a French accent).

A soft and soothing voice : icone

A soft and soothing voice

My voice has been qualified as rather reassuring in nature, making it well-suited for recordings with an explanatory or educational purpose (documentaries, e-learning modules, children…), as well as for podcasts on various themes related to personal development (relaxation, hypnosis…).

A voice that knows how to listen : icone

A voice that knows how to listen

I am very attentive to your project, demonstrating adaptability and responsiveness. My goal is to create the best possible voice recording in order to guarantee the success of your project!




You tell me who your project is for. If it is going to be broadcast internally, on the internet, TV… and its duration. The script provided must be the final approved version.
Please note: If your script is to be adapted to a video, for example, short, affirmative sentences are recommended.


I read your text. Being also a professional translator, I can translate your document into French which is my native language, guaranteeing the quality of the text. If you would like language editing, I will edit your script and inform you of any changes to be made.


I record the document aloud using my professional equipment while conveying the correct tone. I can also record a short excerpt beforehand. Then I proceed to edit the tracks (cutting, complete cleaning of the takes…).


Delivery of the entire project (.mp3, .wav files, cleaned and processed, separated on request). Any small retakes which only concern the tone, or words that do not significantly modify the scenario (one modification at most) can be envisioned. The file can then be used by integrating it into your video, for example.


I would like to know in advance how my project will go. Is there a way to do this?

You can always ask for a free personalized demo before you hire me. This will give you a good idea of how your project will sound, and will allow you to ask for any changes in tone, pace, etc.

I’m having a video made. Does the voice-over have to be recorded before the video or the other way around?

Either way is fine with me, but note that the voice-over is usually recorded before the video. In addition, there is an additional charge for synchronizing a voice-over with an existing video.

Will the voice-over live up to my expectations? How can I follow up on the session if I’m not there in the studio?

It’s important to give directions before you start recording. You must specify who the audience is, the desired tone of voice, the speaking speed you want to use, and so on.

In addition, when you write the script, it is recommended that you include instructions. Put words that need to be underlined in bold or italics, and if you need longer pauses, write that in the script as well.

I would like to add music to your voice. Is this possible?

I can mix my voice to a background sound/music and add a background sound of your choice to the voice file, by applying a fade in and fade out effect.

Can I broadcast your voice wherever I want?

The broadcasting of a person’s voice should be treated in the same way as the broadcasting of an image: I give you the rights to my voice and my words. These rights are strictly limited to the project for which you hire me. Therefore an authorization is necessary to broadcast someone’s voice, which are usually referred to as “usage fees”.

I need a voice in French and other languages for my project

I am a professional translator, so if you need me to translate your English or Spanish scripts into natural and fluent French, please do not hesitate to ask me. Similarly, if your script needs to be translated into other languages, please let me know, and I will help you get in touch with my network of fellow translators who can help with the language of your choice.



Example :
Museum guided tour
350 EUR for the first hour, 100 EUR per additional 30 minutes

Example :
Medical Narration
400 EUR up to 2 minutes (text with complicated pronunciation)
Free re-takes up to 10% of the total number of words.
Errors = Free

Example :
Airport announcements (narration)
1500 EUR per year per airport

Example :
Personal development session/podcast such as meditation etc. (no internet broadcast or on paid support)
300 EUR per session

Example :
Corporate Explainer Video
300 EUR per video up to 90 seconds


Example :
Company training
350 EUR for the first hour, 100 EUR per additional 30 minutes


Example :
Service presentation on the customer’s website.
Recording: 250 EUR
Usage fees: 200%

Broadcast rates valid for one spot regardless of duration, including the rate for recording session and the usage fees (percentage) for the specified period.


Since each project is unique, establishing an estimate on a case-by-case basis seems to me to be the most suitable formula.
So that I can send one to you as soon as possible, please let me know if you can:

– The nature of the project (e.g. podcast/series x 10 relaxation sessions to be broadcast on a paid application)
– The medium (e.g. internal training for staff and distributed only within the company)
– The planned distribution (national, regional…) and its duration (e.g. 1 year)
– The number of words in the script or the estimated time of the final recording
– The number of possible sequences (separate files)
– The delivery time of the audio files and the desired format

Once you have approved the quote, no additional fees or charges will apply to the agreed scope.